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Science teaching and learning using ICTs at University Kinshasa

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The project "Science Training Laboratory (STL)" using ICTs funded by British Council/DElPHE programme organizes courses, seminars and workshops dealing with the use of ICTs for science  teaching and learning for academic and scientific staffs, students and  pupils. The project is r. Partners from Kinshasa University (Democratic Republic of Congo), Cologne University (Germany), Catholic University Leuven (Belgium) and Cambridge Crystallographic  Data Centre (United Kingdom) are involved in that project.       From December 2009 to July 2010, training courses  have been  organized for about  850 students from University Kinshasa (Medicine, Biology and Chemistry) and 450 students and pupils from secondary schools in Kinshasa. Pupils have been trained in tools like use of ChemDraw for  3D visualization of  laboratory materials and structure of organic molecules.

pupil photo

One of the 1rst year main activities organised by Science TL: Training course for pupils


About 100 academics and scientists attended at workshops (March and June 2010 respectively) on design and development of the website Portal Education for Africa (PEA) for science teaching using ICTs. They have been trained in tools like Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). Teaching examples from WebCSD have been provided.

Since September 2010, Science TL started the second year as shown by the activity plan below.

September 10 - February 11
13th - 30th September Preparing training activities, ressources: Announces and invitations, information leaflets to the participants; Contact to HE Institutions and schools in Kinshasa and hinterland;
15th - 30th October Coference and Course for academic and scientific staffs
15th Oct -22th December

Courses for teachers

11th Nov 10 - 26th February 11 Courses for pupils and students.
3rd - 15th January 11 Meetings of partners in Leuven (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Cambridge (UK) to prepare workshops and provide materials for installing of TL for students.
March - August 11
4th - 5th March Seminar & workshop 1: TL Conception
and development for science teaching;
Use of COMON-games for teaching
8th March - 31rst July Conferences   and Course for students
1rst - 3rd June Seminar and workshop 2:
Cambridge Structural Dadabase:
Applications for Chemistry teaching
15th - 31th August Activties and financial report and evaluation:
Partners meetings: Prof Yav visit to Partners in Leuven (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) and Cambridge (UK): report and evaluation; planning year 2


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