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Education to be made better with ICT

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The world keeps developing at a fast pace and so  are the improvements in technology. Improvements in tecnology  has advanced many fields such as the health , banking , transport  and other sectors.  Not so long however the adfvancement will  effect changes in the education sector . With the initiative of ITCT Africa, a programe that is to tain teachers skills in computer technology to impart and train other teachers,  teaching will be made simpler and also more enjoyable for the teachers. For the learners,   learning will be made easier  and more meaningful.

Special thanks   go to ITCT FRICA  seeing wayforward for africa  and realisation of the  need for Africa to be in line in  terms of development with other developed nations. This is a great opporunity for all africans to move with  new developments. Its there fore a  duty for all those trained to see to it that  the planned objectives are achived in their respective schools.



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