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Training laboratory (TL) using ICTs for science teaching


The project training laboratory using ICTs aims to improve teaching and learning of sciences, especially Chemistry (Biochemistry and Geochemistry), Biology, Geology and Physics, in DRC secondary schools and Universities using existing laboratories or poorly equipped to develop new training laboratories (TL) based facilities and skills through ICT where experiment capacity may be reinforced.

Computer pool used as science training laboratory

General objectives

· Development of a network promoting the use of ICT in Science teaching and learning

· Sharing of teachers’ knowledge and extending it to a large number of students and pupils;

· Best use and application of knowledge and skills leading to good management of natural resources and reducing poverty and suffering (MDG) in DRC.

Specific objectives

  • Incorporating ICT use in teaching and learning of sciences using existing laboratories leading to training laboratories (TL) for students and pupils;
  • Training of science teachers (Academics, Scientifics and teachers of secondary schools) to improve the innovation competence and confidence in using ICT and to reinforce the research and innovation capacity;
  • Improving the learning capacity sciences of students and pupils using didactic methods focusing on ICT use (e.g. simulation experiments and COME-ON games);
  • Creating and maintaining a web site as portal of training of sciences (e-TL), promoting discussion and knowledge exchange between teachers, students and pupils from different countries and continents

Project partners

  • Pr. Dr. Zéphirin G. Yav, Head of Chemistry Department at University of Kinshasa, D.R. Congo
  • Pr. Dr. Herman Rüppell, Department of Didactic and Educational Research, Cologne University, Germany
  • Pr. Dr. Luc Van Meervelt, Head of Chemistry Department at K. Leuven University, Belgium
  • Dr. Stephen Salisbury, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, United Kingdom

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